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Condo and Apartment Mitigation

New Federal guidelines are in place to minimize the risk of radon exposure for families residing in both apartments and condos.

Reducing hazardous exposure to radon in apartments and condos has been a goal of many agencies, such as the Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Energy, and the EPA.

The healthy home strategy focuses on radon testing and radon mitigation in apartment buildings, condos and multifamily housing units. These new requirements imply that multifamily housing that receives HUD financing or re-financing will require radon testing. If a test result shows radon levels above 4 picocuries per liter, a radon mitigation system must be installed in the apartment or condominium.

Take steps to secure cleaner air and Breathe Easy today! To comply with new federal guidelines and make condos, apartments and multifamily housing safe from hazardous radon exposure, contact David Cooks Radon Services.

HUD healthy home requires radon mitigation to be supervised by a certified radon professional. The urgency for professional testing and installation is paramount, especially in regard to radon gas in apartments, condos and multifamily housing for these reasons:

A single multi-unit building can provide shelter for many people, so it's imperative that a radon mitigation system is designed and installed properly/professionally.

Complex multi-dwelling foundations can present installation challenges. Hiring an inexperienced radon contractor can result in having the installation completed improperly, exposing many individuals and families to hazardous radon gas. Going with a licensed radon mitigation professional with experience with large-scale multifamily dwellings, can save time, money and lives.

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Apartment and condo radon mitigation in southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois
Apartment and condo radon mitigation in southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois


Our radon mitigation professionals at David Cook's Radon Services have years of experience making condos and apartments throughout southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois safer and healthier.

David Cook's Radon Services has the experience necessary to design custom mitigation systems for any condo or apartment, keeping families in multi-dwelling units safe and healthy.

Average Cost of System

A system can cost as little as $1200 and rarely exceeds $2,000. It all depends on the soil beneath the house and the layout of the home. 

We install two types of systems. An exterior system, or an interior system; whichever suits the needs of the homeowner. 

We serve all of southeast Wisconsin and northern Illinois.